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Junk files removal system

Updated:2010-6-3 10:29:52  Views:4445  Author:BlueStar Data

Do not miss the junk file system

1. Remove junk files

After optimization of the startup group removed the following let us look at the computer in the trash file. To distinguish between junk files, we should start with the file extension. General suffix . bak, . chk, . fts, . tmp, . old, . xlk files are junk files. Delete these junk files can be in the "Start → Find → Files or Folders", type ". Bak" files, in the following "Search" item select "My Computer", then click the Find the hard drive can be file extension bak all look out, and then remove them can be. Other types of junk files can also be removed this way.

2. Empty the Temp folder

Temp is a system temporary folder, which saved the file in the installation are saved when a number of temporary files. So regularly clean the file folder can be of some use to free up disk space. Direct access to the system default path C  \ Windows \ Temp (Windows 2000/XP by default C  \ Documents and Settings \ xxxx \ Local Settings \ Temp folder) folder, delete the folder all the files.

3. Clear Internet temporary files

Frequent Internet users have a lot of pages on disk temporary files, Internet history, Cookies file. We do not use these documents, can be removed. Clear the way is the right-click the IE desktop icon and select "Properties" command, then pop up a "Internet Options" dialog box, in the "General" tab under the click "Delete Cookies", "delete temporary files" "Clear History" button to remove the three above-mentioned documents.

4. Remove redundant messages Outlook

Often use Outlook e-mail, over time in the Outlook "Inbox" and "Sent Mail box" will be saved in a lot of mail, for no use of e-mail (especially with attachments) that we can delete it. Clear these messages, press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click a row to get rid of the message, then delete the "Trash", if it is to completely remove these messages we can right-click "Trash" , in the context menu, select "Empty Trash folder" to the folder to delete the message completely.

5. Remove redundant system Front fonts folder

Must preserve TimesVewRoman and Marlett font. Less equipment or other Chinese fonts installed. Delete the font file, in the Control Panel, click "Fonts", then you can open the font window, right-click the need to select this font, then click the "Delete" button.

6. Installation of backup files to delete Windows

WindowsXP at Bahrain, the system will windos \ sysytem32 directory generate a Dllcache folder where backup files are system files, share a few megabytes of hard disk space, when the Windows XP system files (such as. Dll files) is destroyed, it can automatically extract the folder, if you can manually extract the files in the CD case, in order to save hard disk space, we can delete them. Remove method is in the "Start → Run", type sfc. exe / purgecache order, click "OK" to complete. Then we re-view the hard disk has more than a few megahertz of the remaining space.

Windows XP installed, not only do the backup system files, but also for the corresponding driver backup, is the windows \ driver cache \ i386 directory of the Driver. cab files, such as less useful or we have to use "ghost" for the system as a mirror, I can delete this folder.

7. Remove redundant input

Each installation of the system, the programs are a variety of input methods installed by default, Windows XP comes with dozens of input methods, including Japanese, Korean, etc., stored in the windows \ ime (some are stored in windows \ system32 \ ime) folder, a total of more than 80 trillion, the input method not only takes up disk space, but also affect the speed of the system, if the input method you do not normally use, then we can choose to delete them. Remove method is the first in the "task bar" in the right-click "Input" icon in the pop-up shortcut menu, select "Settings", start the "Text Services and Input Languages" dialog box, in the following "Installed services" to remove extra input to determine the exit. And then into the folder, in the folder that we can appropriate input method (such as IMJP8_1, IMKR6_1, imejp98, etc.) folder and file has select delete.

8. Remove help files

If you have Windows operate on very familiar, and can help the system folder of files to delete files and Welcome. This, we can delete some software, help files, such as Macromedia's Authorware and Dreamweaver installation directory for each program has a dozens of megabytes of the Help folder, it is huge, no need to remove them if you can.


Making a batch file

Batch files can be easily produced automatically delete system junk files!

Open Notepad, copy the following text into the (black part), click "Save As", path, choose "Desktop" Save as type to "All Files", the file named "Clear junk files. Bat", is complete . Remember it must be a suffix name. Bat, ok! Your garbage cleaner this way produced a success!

Double-click it can quickly clean up junk files, less than about one minute.

====== The following is the text (do not copy this line )=============================

@ Echo off

echo Cleaning up system junk files, please wait ......

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ *. tmp

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ *. _mp

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ *. log

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ *. gid

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ *. chk

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ *. old

del / f / s / q% systemdrive% \ recycled \ *.*

del / f / s / q% windir% \ *. bak

del / f / s / q% windir% \ prefetch \ *.*

rd / s / q% windir% \ temp & md% windir% \ temp

del / f / q% userprofile% \ cookies \ *.*

del / f / q% userprofile% \ recent \ *.*

del / f / s / q "% userprofile% \ Local Settings \ Temporary Internet Files \ *.*"

del / f / s / q "% userprofile% \ Local Settings \ Temp \ *.*"

del / f / s / q "% userprofile% \ recent \ *.*"

Beijing Bluestar echo data recovery center (86) 010-62681583

echo remove junk files to complete!

echo. & pause

===== Here so far (this line not copy )==================================== ==========

Double-click the file to run as long after, when the screen says "remove junk files complete! To give you a clean system up!!

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